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Lunchtime News Recap @ Clubhouse — Tuesdays/Thursdays, 1.00pm MYT/UTC+8
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Shazwan Mustafa Kamal

Senior Associate at Vriens & Partners. Specialising in political risk, government affairs & public policy. Formerly with Malay Mail & The Malaysian Insider. Over 10 years of experience in news writing, reporting, editing, proofreading & copyrighting for online & print. Writes about toys & collecting at The Abah-Geek. Listens to rock & post-grunge.

Zurairi A.R.

Assistant News Editor at Malay Mail. East Asian representative at International Association of Religion Journalists. Writes about internet & pop culture for #BeritaBaruNakUp. Over 8 years of experience in journalism focusing on religion, human rights, SOGIE & current affairs. Listens to metal & K-pop.


Malaysian news & current affairs can be so hectic that you may be pardoned if you missed a story or two. SHAZU Speaks is here to help you dive deep into one important story each week, in a casual cross-newsroom chatroom which includes the country's brightest, exciting, and diverse subject matter experts.

Lunchtime News Recap is our flagship chatroom on Clubhouse, where we chat for around 1 hour with 3 to 4 journalists or experts,with chances for audience to join the floor & speak their mind. Usually on Tuesdays, but occassionally on Thursdays depending on speakers' availability.

Suppertime News Chat is our supplementary chatroom on Twitter Spaces, where we open a free room for at least 1 hour with the audience, & previous guests. On certain Fridays, please check our social media for updates.

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